Planning an event can be time consuming, and stressful. I'm sure that you have many questions you need, or would liked answered. We here at 4th Battalion Entertainment are always glad to help.

4th Battalion Entertainment has been serving our clients since 1993. With professional and dedicated service "Entertainment Excellence" is our motto.

It's often said that music makes a party great.

We could not agree more. An experienced Disc Jockey can often be the difference in turning a good party into a GREAT party. And great parties just happen to be what we specialize in.

No matter what the occasion. We here at 4th Battalion Entertainment have performed at all type of events. Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceañera's, Baby Showers, Proms, Morps, Homecoming Dances, School Dances, Weddings, BBQs, Square Dances, Pig Roast, Block Parties, Beach Parties, Pool Parties, Project Graduations, and Theme Nights.


About Us

We began our journey back in 1993. With the goal of providing the best mobile entertainment around. From our humble start we have always focused on providing outstanding customer service. By giving clients a fair price and going above the standards of service. Each year our Disc Jockeys perform and host hundreds of events. Both in the corporate and private markets. Combining performance experience, reliable equipment, an extensive music libaray, professional image, and audience participation. Which has given us a sterling reputation in our industry. Our professionalism both on and off the dance floor is second to none. We leave nothing to chance. We have two mottos "Entertainment Excellence" and "If better is possible then good is not enough". It is not enough to strive to be the best, we work hard every day to be the best. From baby showers to birthdays to weddings, it is not our day to shine. Only a chance to help make the glow of the person or persons day it is glow brighter.