No matter what the race, nationality, or culture their comes a time in life that every parent or father fears. That time when your little girl starts the transition from being your baby to womanhood. In many cultures it is celebrated with a party. In the latin world a Quinceañera or Sweet 15 marks the occasion with many traditional events, from a church mass to a candle ceremony, and a court dance. In North America many families celebrate with a Sweet 16. Which also has many events such as a Father Daughter dance, shoe and tiara ceremony.  In Asian culture they celebrate when the daughter turns 18 with such events like a rose ceremony and dance.  In Judaism a girl reaches spiritual maturity at the age 13 which includes spiritual ceremonies and may include a party.

Well Have no fear. We here at 4th Battalion Entertainment have performed at hundreds of these types of events. Year after year we help parents and young women come together and plan their special event. From music to lighting, and the dreaded video montage which always seems to frighten the young lady. Mainly because she knows her parents still have those embarrassing baby pictures. And no matter how high the bribe they still make it in to the montage. We work with your event planner if you have one, or we can help coordinate the days events.